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6/4/20241 min read

We were recently tasked with stripping down a whole Victorian house; skirtings and stairs.

Because of the extent of the job we decided to use Peelaway 1, which is basically a pastey highly alkaline paint stripper. To be honest we really regretted using it, as the cleaning process proved to be a bit of task, having followed the manufacturers instructions to the letter.

So we managed to strip down the many layers of paint, leaving a varnish coating right at the bottom, which we just couldn't get rid of, despite using the advised neutralisers. We let it dry off and started to paint and found that the paint was not settling at all, so we decided to use ZINSSER B-I-N SHELLAC-BASED PRIMER SEALER. We had used other Zinsser products and found them to be excellent. But this one was an absolute saver, where once dried in 30 minutes, provided a smooth base for the paint to go one beautifully.

If you are looking for brilliant stain blockers, primers for internal and external use then check out the Zinsser product range. https://www.zinsseruk.com/product/

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